The first store with the most select and complete range of non-alcoholic products in all of Spain.

A good drink can be the start of meaningful conversations, special moments with family or meetings with friends that strengthen community ties.

We are for everyone.

Whether you want to make great drinks without alcohol, if you want to enjoy a delicious and refreshing cocktail or if you just want to moderate and mix, we have you covered.

We are dedicated to offering you the best non-alcoholic beverage alternatives from brands that source the best ingredients. We offer our selection of drinks to everyone. We also work closely with bars, restaurants and other partners, in addition to maintaining a strong presence in physical stores and on our website.

We are the first in Spain to open a physical non-alcoholic beverage store to promote a more conscious and healthy society.

Barcelona, ​​January 2023.

Our founders Kimber and Deborah embraced a chapter in their lives that unleashed a torrent of deep reflection, which gave birth to Sense.

For Kimber, with an entire career dedicated to the world of technology applied to the health environment and passionate about well-being and a healthy lifestyle, this event opened her eyes to a new perspective on the world of alcoholic beverages.

For Deborah, with years of experience in communication and marketing in the world of alcoholic beverages and having witnessed many examples that motivated the change towards more responsible consumption, concepts such as personal evolution, self-control or mental health became their main motivations to question established norms and move towards a better future.

Together and with determination they embarked on a journey of self-discovery that led them to search for balance and moderation.