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The Curious Natural Cockles

The Curious Natural Cockles

Savor the excellence of La Curiosa Natural Cockles - 30/40 hand-packed cockles from the pristine Ría de Noia in Galicia. Made with care and simplicity, these cockles, accompanied by water and salt, have a Noia Cockle Certificate that guarantees their quality. La Curiosa's artisanal approach ensures that each can is meticulously hand-packed, guaranteeing exceptional presentation for a delicious tasting experience. Elevate your palate with the unique flavors of the Rías Baixas, where tradition and passion converge in every bite.

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    Nutrition and allergens

    Por 111g:
    Calorías: Kcal 81
    Grasas: 1g
    Grasas saturadas: 0,19g
    Carbohidratos: 4,6g
    Azúcar: 0,5g
    Sal: 1,5g
    Proteína: 14g

    Cockles, water, salt
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