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Cognato Chenin Blanc

Cognato Chenin Blanc

balanced • medium bodied • floral

Delight in the refreshing charm of Cognato Chenin Blanc, a white wine designed to be the perfect companion for any occasion. Made from carefully selected grapes, Cognato White reveals delicious notes of citrus, tropical fruits and subtle floral nuances.

Key Flavors: Experience the freshness of this South African wine with its perfect acidity, characteristic of wines from the region. Imbued with a vibrant and refreshing character, this wine offers a harmonious fusion of flavors that dance gracefully on the palate. The proximity of the ocean and the long, cool growing season contribute to its unique profile. With low production due to dry and cool conditions, Cognato Chenin Blanc leaves a pleasant mouthfeel at the end.

Perfect to serve: Whether alone or accompanied by seafood, salads or light pasta dishes, Cognato Chenin Blanc promises to elevate your dining experience. The versatility of this wine ensures that it complements a variety of dishes, making it a delicious option to enhance your moments of enjoyment.

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  • <0.4% Alcohol

Nutrition and allergens

Por 750ml:
Grasas: 0g
Grasas saturadas: 0g
Carbohidratos: 2.8g
Azúcar: 2.0g/100ml
Sal: 0g
Proteína: 0g

decolyzed wine, grape juice, sulfur dioxide
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