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Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Blå

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Blå

jasmine • chamomile • citrus

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Blå redefines tea with non-alcoholic fizz, presenting an extraordinary twist on traditional bubbly. Made by Tettiera, this innovative creation presents the latest advancement in tea, offering the sophistication of a sparkling wine made with tea leaves instead of grapes.

Key flavors: BLÅ, in its elegant 75 cl, delights with delicate aromas of jasmine, chamomile and a subtle citrus touch. The round flavor, derived from the careful selection of white teas, is complemented by the complexity and depth of green teas. The experience concludes with a long finish, enriched by the comfortable tannins of Darjeeling First Flush, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship of this non-alcoholic gem.

Perfect for serving: There are two ways to savor Copenhagen Sparkling Tea BLÅ. As an aperitif, serve it in a champagne glass to enjoy its effervescence and delicate aromas. Alternatively, elevate your dining experience by serving it in a white wine glass for a pairing adventure. This allows your nose and palate to explore more tantalizing aromas as you drink, creating a sensory journey that complements the versatility of this exceptional sparkling tea.

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  • Vegan
  • Without gluten
  • 0.0% Alcohol

Nutrition and allergens

Por 100 ml:
Calorías: Kcal 20/ Kj 81
Grasas: 0g
Grasas saturadas: 0g
Carbohidratos: 5g
Azúcar: 5g
Sal: 0g
Proteína: 0g

Water, black tea (14% jasmine, 3% darjeeling), 19% white tea, green tea, herbal tea leaves, grape, lemon juice, natural flavors, C02, sulfites
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