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Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Lyserød

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Lyserød

hibiscus • berries • apples

Tettiera presents an innovative non-alcoholic sparkling Rosé, Lyserød, that challenges the conventional boundaries of tea. This innovative creation, Copenhagen Sparkling Tea, offers the effervescence of sparkling wine, uniquely made with tea leaves instead of grapes, presenting a delicious alternative that defies expectations.

Key flavors: Lyserød reveals a dry but smooth experience, enriched by the elegant flavors of Oolong tea and the discreet fruity notes of hibiscus and sencha. This non-alcoholic gem pairs perfectly with light and fresh dishes, showing its versatility, especially with fish and shellfish, especially oysters. The exceptional complexity of its flavor positions Lyserød as one of the "high-end" non-alcoholic products available today.

Perfect for serving: Elevate your culinary experience by pairing Lyserød with light, savory white fish and shellfish dishes, with a special recommendation for oysters. For an optimal experience, serve Lyserød at around 5°C in a champagne glass. This presentation enhances its effervescence, allowing you to savor the unique fusion of Silver Needle, Oolong and Hibiscus in a setting that truly celebrates the art of non-alcoholic sparkling tea.

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  • Vegan
  • Without gluten
  • 0.0% Alcohol

Nutrition and allergens

Por 100 ml:
Calorías: Kcal 8/ Kj 32,5
Grasas: 0g
Grasas saturadas: 0g
Carbohidratos: 2g
Azúcar: 2g
Sal: 0g
Proteína: 0g

Water, green tea (23% oolong), herbs (22% hibiscus), white tea (16% silver needle), black tea leaves, grape, lemon juice, natural flavors, C02, sulfites
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