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Eins-Zwei-Zero Riesling

Eins-Zwei-Zero Riesling

peach • minerality • citrus

Eins-Zwei-Zero Riesling offers a contemporary twist to traditional still white wines, presenting a delicious non-alcoholic option that perfectly balances citrus liveliness with herbaceous undertones. Elevate your dining experience with this clean, fresh Riesling, designed to complement a wide variety of dishes.

Key Flavors: Immerse your senses in clean, fresh notes of lime and citrus, harmoniously intertwined with subtle hints of rhubarb and red apples on a mineral base. Made from young vines, this non-alcoholic gem has a relatively long and dry finish, making it a unique treat for warm days and delicious meals.

Perfect for Serving: Enjoy the refreshing essence of Eins-Zwei-Zero Riesling by serving it chilled, letting its vibrant flavors shine. Whether straight from the bottle or served in a wine glass, this non-alcoholic treat enhances any dining occasion. Elevate the experience even further by pairing it with your favorite warm-weather dishes, and savor the freshness with every sip.

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  • Vegan
  • Without gluten
  • 0.0% Alcohol

Nutrition and allergens

Por 100ml:
Calorías: Kcal 17
Grasas: 0g
Grasas saturadas: 0g
Carbohidratos: 3,8g
Azúcar: 3,8g
Sal: 0g
Proteína: 0g

Commercial wine, must grape, sucrose, rectified concentrated grape must
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