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Kolonne Null Rouge No 2

Kolonne Null Rouge No 2

fruits of the forest • soft tannins • expressive

We present the lively Cuvée Rouge No. 2, a blend that exudes power and youth. This full-bodied bouquet takes you on a journey to the heart of Spain, with notes of pepper and captivating aromas of black fruits and berries that reflect its roots in the sunny plateau of La Meseta.

Key Flavors: Immerse yourself in the full-bodied and powerful experience of Cuvée Rouge No. 2. Notes of pepper add a distinctive touch, while black fruit and berry flavors transport you to the sun-drenched landscapes of La Meseta. This cuvée proudly embodies the essence of Spain's native roots.

Perfect for Serving: Whether you're celebrating or savoring a quiet moment, Cuvée Rouge No.2 is best enjoyed in good company. Pour it into your favorite wine glass, let the rich bouquet unfold, and raise your glass with an effusive "CHEERS!" Here's to the vibrant flavors and spirited essence of Spain!

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  • Vegan
  • Without gluten
  • <0.3% Alcohol

Nutrition and allergens

Por 100ml:
Calorías: Kcal15/ Kj 64
Grasas: < 0,1g
Grasas saturadas: < 0,1g
Carbohidratos: 2,4g
Azúcar: 2,4g
Sal: 0,01g
Proteína: < 0,1g

Commercial wine, sucrose, carbon dioxide preservative: sulfur dioxide
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