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La Chouffe Sin

La Chouffe Sin

spices • malt • light

Experience the essence of Chouffe in a unique non-alcoholic beer, brewed to tantalize your taste buds.

Key Flavors: Chouffe Alcohol Free offers a refreshing Belgian blonde beer experience, infused with Chouffe's distinctive flavor and hints of spice. Delight in its fruity aroma and sweet malt flavor, complemented by a subtle bitter finish. This non-alcoholic beer offers unparalleled lightness and is perfect for moments of relaxation and enjoyment.

Perfect for serving: With its refreshing and tasty profile, Chouffe non-alcoholic beer pairs excellently with dishes with strong flavors, such as blue cheeses and red meats. It can also be enjoyed alone as an aperitif, letting its unique character shine. It is an ideal option for any occasion.

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  • Vegan
  • <0.4% Alcohol

Nutrition and allergens

Por 100ml:
Calorías: 32kj/8kcal
Grasas: <0.1g
Grasas saturadas: <0.1g
Carbohidratos: 0.8g
Azúcar: 0.1g
Sal: <0.1g
Proteína: 0.1g

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