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Le Tribute Ginger Beer

Le Tribute Ginger Beer

exotic • refreshing • intense

Spice up your night with LE TRIBUTE Ginger Beer, an exotic and tasty drink made with Indian ginger. Are you ready to embark on a journey of spicy and refreshing enjoyment?

Key Flavors: The spicy aromas of ginger are intensified through a special method called cold percolation, combined with a touch of spiciness at just the right moment.

Perfect for serving: Pour the tempting LE TRIBUTE Ginger Beer into your favorite glass and savor the exotic flavors. Experience long-lasting carbonation at a constant 2 degrees, providing a refreshing, natural flavor that complements Moscow Mules, mixed with gin or rum, or stands on its own as a simply satisfying ginger drink. Let's drink to spices!

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    Nutrition and allergens

    Por 100ml:
    Calorías: Kcal 36/ Kj 151
    Grasas: 0g
    Grasas saturadas: 0g
    Carbohidratos: 8,5g
    Azúcar: 8,5g
    Sal: 0g
    Proteína: 0g

    Water, carbonic acid, sugar, natural extracts and aromas, citric acid acidifier, preservative E211, color E150a
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