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Win Sparkling Rosé

Win Sparkling Rosé

red fruits • floral • delicate

Let yourself be seduced by the effervescent elegance of Win Sparkling Rosé, a non-alcoholic wine that invites you to enjoy life with each bubble. With its refined charm and unmatched freshness, this non-alcoholic wine is the perfect option for those who want to delight in the sophistication of wine without compromising their well-being.

Key Flavors: Win Sparkling Rosé dazzles with an exquisite palette of flavors that captivate the senses. With notes of fresh red fruits, such as strawberries and raspberries, complemented by subtle hints of white flowers and citrus, each sip is a celebration of flavor and elegance. Enjoy the complexity and freshness of this non-alcoholic wine, which captures the essence of the best sparkling wines, but without the alcohol content.

Perfect for Serving: From festive celebrations to moments of relaxation, Win Sparkling Rosé is the perfect companion for any occasion. Serve this wine chilled to highlight its effervescence and enjoy it alone or as an accompaniment to light dishes, such as fresh salads, soft cheeses or fruit desserts. Elevate every experience with the unmatched brilliance and flavor of Win Sparkling Rosé, a non-alcoholic wine that will delight your guests and make you toast to life.

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  • Vegan
  • Without gluten
  • 0.0% Alcohol

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